our commitment

our design process

our design process goes through a series of phases (the Critical Path) that we follow to transform an unformed idea into something tangible. This vital process allows us to use every design tool at our disposal to create a product that is competitive, flexible, unique, and attractive; one that is appropriate for its market and that will also stand the test of time.

1.0 analysis and research phase

Through intensive research and solid involvement with your brand, we are able to gain valuable insight into your brand’s strengths and potentials for new directions as we outline the needs and desires of your target market. This insight gives us the confidence to identify key market opportunities and recommend strategies that will fulfill your objectives and respond to your consumer’s needs.

2.0 design phase

Brainstorming, sketching ideas, problem solving, and conceptualizing is the beginning of our graphic design process. Once we identify unique and innovative design strategies, we document the solutions and present them to you and to the final user. All feedback is welcome, as we believe that an interactive process ensures full consideration of the technological, cultural, and business impact of design.

3.0 implementation & delivery phase

Once the design is approved, the next phase is to translate it to reality, either on paper or on the Internet. In order to guarantee the accurate transformation to reality, all project details are carefully specified and well documented for implementation. This ensures that the production process runs smoothly and that your project arrives on time and on budget.